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Готовый бизнес в Лос-Реалехосе, 1290 м² - 3 200 000 евро

Курс ЦБ € 00,00
  • Населенный пункт: Los Realejos
  • цена продажи 3 200 000 €
    Тип Готовый бизнес
    Площадь дома 1290 м²
    Рынок недвижимости Вторичка
    Вы можете поделиться с друзьями и родными или сохранить у себя в закладках

Цена: 3 200 000 €

Beautiful country hotel located in the north of Tenerife. It is a nice eighteenth century building, featuring 20 rooms with Canarian architecture and high quality construction.
Heated pool and Jacuzzi. 15,000 square meter total extension of land with a variety of canary flowers and plants.
Exceptional views from out the various terraces of this cozy hotel. It is situated close to activities such as hiking, paragliding, horse riding and outdoor sports. A perfect place for nature lovers.
Basement 2: 54m2, for storage. Basement 1; 273m2 intended for kitchen, storage and laundry. Ground floor, 181m2 intended for rooms. Floor 1: 532 m2, for living, dining and bedrooms. Floor 2: 163 m2 for rooms. Entertainment area: 88m2 destined to the pool area. Furthermore, this charming hotel has got gardens, leisure areas, terraces, all clean and well kept.

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